Thursday, May 7, 2009


Smile lang yung title ..

Alam mo yung kantang, smile .. though yor heart is aching .. :]

Ngumingiti ako .. pero napipikon ako .. :]

I'm currently on this situation which made me insecure ..


I have this friend .. (not that close)

naiinis ako sa kanya kasi pinapakisamahan ko siya e. :)

I don't take jokes seriously pero alam mo yun ? ..

I don't want her to act like that. LOL.

Though alam mo na nakakapagopen ka pero hindi ibig sabihin non e super close na kayo.

Ni hindi ko pa nga siya nakikita e. LOL.

Kaya medyo nakakaoffend .. :]

It's about this TOBOOO thingy. LOL.

Yes .. I AM chubby. But then you don't have to say it eveytime you talk to me. :)

So what if im chubby? ..

Everything shouldn't be based on your size? ..

shouldn't be based on your looks.

GRADES natin sa "TAAS" ..

Attitude ang gineGRADE-an ..


Ok ok ..

Honestly, MY SIZE is my BIGGEST INSECURITY next one is my SKIN ..

Yes. Everyone of us have our own inscurity .. wala lang .. I just felt bad about it.

And I don't want Gewriz to know it.

Though we had a misunderstanding about it kanina lang ..

I've decided to make this blog unreadable by some .. :))

Meaning .. walang may alam ng link .. :))

I don't want them to access this blog .. lol.

kasi malalaman nila kung anu talaga ang nararamdaman ko. :)

Another thing was .. hmmm ...

I was showered with discouragements towards our relationship .. (me and Gewriz)

Sinabi ko yung kay Gewriz, and I felt secure with it.

we will be together .. :)


I believe in us.

I believe that God will guide us .. :) and be with us ..

para maging together forever na kami.

I'm feeling sad. hurt. hungry. lol.

Simula bukas .. I won't eat much ..

I will eat less. :)

Starting today.

I'll kill myself if hindi ako pumayat within this year.


~ thyne ♥

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