Friday, July 3, 2009

I hate myself.

I'm sad. :( I don't know why.

It's just I miss him.

And actually.. I want someone who'll never give me a reason to get jealous. :(

But right now.

Nagseselos talaga ako. :-|

Anyways. It's not really his fault ..

It's my understandings on that situation.

es. Let's say he's bored there that's why he chatted every girl who's added in his fs account.

Me ..
I want to tell the world how much I love him ...
I want to express it to his friends that I love him ..

At first ..

YES ..

Kaya kong iexpress yun kasi nga inaaccept niya agad yung comment ko.

And HE was not ashamed of my comment .. :]

MAYBE He's proud of it ..

Now .. Since he's there and socializing with other girls in his friendster.

I can't give him any comment ..
Kasi it will affect sa mga kausap niya sa friendster.
Maybe, they'll avoid him kasi he has a girlfriend.
If magcomment man ako, he's making sure na maflood muna un comment ko before he accepted all those comments.

It hurts.

But then again, I'm trying to be matured as he says.

Napaka-immature ko daw kasi.

Well, before I was that super luwag na girlfriend.

I gave my ex a space to his social activities, texting other girls, meeting other girls. I just can't stand it before I got used to it. And then I found out my ex have a third party because of the freedom I gave. I won't let that happen again in this relationship. My point rin naman c BF. Anung mapapala niya sa ganun e andun siya sa Malaysia.

This is what I really hate about myself.

I'm so insecure.

Makakita lang ako ng mali , nagiging insecure na ako. :-|

How can I get rid of this attitude??

This attitude might be the reason for us to break up. :-|

Right now. I'm hating myself.

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