Friday, October 9, 2009

Well another day. :)

So the long wait is over ..

He came back here in the Philippines for a month ..

That's the reason why I didn't able to update my blog coz all my time is on him. :)

We arrived 10:30pm last Sept 24, 2009 and flew again last Oct 2, 2009.

Time flew so fast.

And 1 month isn't enough for me.

But still he told me that after 2 years our lives will start and we'll gonna reach our dreams. :)

I am holding on to it.

I am really happy coz despite of 8 months that he's not with me before he still loves me and still cares for me just like before. :D

Good thing was we were able to enjoy the rest of the days when he's still here in the Philippines.

I am really contented with him and so much thankful that God gave me such a nice and lovable boyfriend.

School days are almost over.

And I'm so glad that I will be able to reach my goal after college.

I hope that the rest of the days without Gewriz around will still be happy and still attached to Gew.

I'm so inlove with him right now and I felt like he is really the one whom I want to spend my life with.

For now I am planning to look for a job and save money for my future, "our" future. haha. I hope.

The next thing I'll do is to study again, Master of Business Administration. :D yea.

I hope I can reach that goal.

That's all for now. haha.

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