Saturday, January 23, 2010

Thank you Lord.

I'm so blessed so far .. :3

I am very thankful for what I am right now ..

Things I should thank God for :
  • my life ( healthy )
  • my complete family (with my parents still together)
  • my boyfriend (his infinite patience for my childish attitude)
  • my Accenture friends (wavemates and trainers who keep on making me motivated to do well at work.)
  • my highschool friends who are still there whenever I need them.
  • my NEW JOB at ACCENTURE. (next week, my life will be better for I am going to process my papers for REGULARIZATION)
  • my DREAMS ( so far attainable. ) :3


God have given me so much and I couldn't ask for more.

It's time for me to do something good and bring everything back to Him in return which is to SERVE HIM ..

But how?

Let's just say, I am encouraging YOU, yes. YOU to pray and do not forget the things He gave to you ..

You must always talk to Him, He is ALWAYS there .. Waiting for YOU to talk to Him. Through prayers.

Just believe in Him. He will provide anything just for you ! :D

I love God. ♥
Thanks God !!!

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