Friday, February 11, 2011

It's been a year.

I've been so busy with my life that I wasn't able to update my blog. :)

There are lots of changes in my life.

New look. ;)
New job.
New thoughts about life.
New status.

But still me.

I haven't change a single thing. Still chubby and still cute. Hahaha!

I'll just summarize my thoughts for now.

The things is, I broke up with him. *you know who* last October 2010. Coz I knew there's something fishy going on him. I thought we are forever but I guess it won't really happen at all.
He did something wrong and me too. I did something wrong. Last Anniversary that we had was not so happy at all. I prepared a gift for him. But he didn't even bother to prepare something for me, just a plain Happy Anniversary greeting from him without the 3 words *i love you*.

I knew that time that he don't love me that much anymore, I guess I had to blame it on our situation *LDR*. It's been a year since we last met. And I thought we can get through it all but as usual I WAS WRONG. Hahaha!

He was too busy playing the PET FOREST, until I found out that he met this girl through that game and became close. I trust him but i had a doubt. You know *GIRL'S ANIMALISTIC INSTINCT. LOL.

I gave him time, but It didn't work out. So I have to move on. And give him freedom..
Anyways, at that time, I cried. But I guess, I was that strong that I moved on fast for it is a long distance relationship and I got used to not having him around. xD

Even if we're not together anymore, I continued studying the bible at the watchtower.

I gave him up, but I won't gave my faith up. ;)

I want to know more about God. :D

I know in time, God will give me the one that will be there for me in good and bad times.


Change topic na tayo.

I met him. Who's him?


he has to be singkit.

he has to be tall.

he has to love the music I'm loving.

he has to be patient

he has to be respectful

he has to be funny

he has to love eating

he has to be outgoing

he has to have a dream and a goal in life.

and omg. I MET HIM. T_T

I almost had him. But we never got there.

O well. I can be happy alone right? :D

So be it.


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