Thursday, April 21, 2011

Some things aren't meant to be. I guess. :(

Another month passed.. :p

Wasn't able to update again.

Got so busy with work.

Field works. O.o

So tiring.

Problem is I GAINED WEIGHT!!! And I hate it!! :((


Hmm.. "Let me talk to you." lol. The line I can't forget, coz I watched the Sending a Message concert of Urbandub last April 8!

That was ONE OF THE BEST NIGHT I had. :D

I got more addicted to their songs. And became super fan of Lalay (bassist of Urbandub)

Hahahah! :) But.. While watching them, I'm thinking about him. Let's call him .. Mr. Perfect. LOL.

Sad to say.. I've fallen for him. But the thing is, he's not into me. :))

I confessed my feelings for him through text. And he just responded with a joke. ;p

Everytime I tell him about my feelings for him, he always joke around and that made me feel I'm rejected.

So .. maybe, will just be friends.. no more.. :(

i love him..


Looks like I have to move on.

And be happy..

We always play DOTA. :) He always ask me to play with him.. Though he knew, I'm a bad player. LOL. I always try hard to play it and to learn it. I got sad when he said, "Alam mo payo lang ha.. wag mong ipagpilitan ang sarili mo sa isang bagay na hindi mo naman talaga gusto." :) Maybe. I am HOPELESS. That's why he told me that. Hahahaha! O well, truth hurts.


Trying hard.

Just to be near him.

To get near him.


Song for him. "A New Tattoo" by Urbandub.

He's breaking me down. :|

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