Thursday, May 19, 2011

Days of Summer.

From the title .. "Days of Summer" ..

My Summer 2011 was fun .. ;)

We went to Batangas.. ME and my colleagues.

and Mr. Perfect was there too ..

After that swimming .. he became consistent.. he always text me at night..

Tuesday night, we watched movie together .. *holding hands.. he even treat me like a baby.. (sinusubuan kasi ako ng food.)*

I don't know if I should stay away from him, or stay and be near him..
This relationship is hard.. Pseudo Relationship..

I love him that's all. That's why I just go with the flow.. what ever happens.

I asked him .. "Ano ba ako sayo?"

He replied.. "Kung ano yung iniisip mo, yun na yun.."

The answer is still not clear..

Though I think that I'm special..

It's wrong to assume for it would just lead to disappointment if my thinking was wrong.

This guy is so mysterious, makes me sick ..

And makes me crazy for him more. T_T hahahha! Charot!

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