Sunday, July 17, 2011

Work Study Life Balance

I got this line "Work-Life Balance" from my former job at Accenture. :)

This principle is about TIME MANAGEMENT. You should balance your life, have a time for yourself, working and at the same time enjoying life.

But in my situation right now? Uhh..

I guess I'm having a hard time adjusting to my new schedule.

Sunday to Friday = WORK

Saturday = STUDY


Whew. O.o

I enrolled at Manila Law College.

And right now I'm asking myself ..

"Did I make a wrong decision?"


"Have I made the right choice?"

I'm enjoying my classes, the discussions and other stuffs but then I find it difficult to study, for it needs more time for research such as cases, SCRAs and others which I'm not so familiar with because maybe I am not so into it that I was not able to know such things. hahaha! :) I guess I was just so ambitious that I got in this difficult situation.. LOL. O well, I must finish what I've started since I'm in this situation at this point in time. :) I have to prove myself and so I have to find a way to get things easier for me. Have to FOCUS and ADJUST. whew. :)

Goodluck to me. ;)

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